How to Install Wood Wall Panels

Please watch the video above to learn how to install your wood wall panels. There is written instruction below that echoes what is said in the video:

Recommended Tools:

  • Saw (a fine-toothed hand saw or most power saws will work) - see more info on cutting wood wall panels here
  • Fine cut bladed jigsaw (if you're making internal cuts)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Utility knife
  • 25mm screws with wall fixing
  • Screw driver or drill

Step #1: Measure Ceiling

Okay so you've decided where your wood wall panels are going, great! First step is to measure the ceiling height of the area you're applying the wood wall panels to.

If you need to cut to height, mark down the ceiling height on the panel and make the cut with a saw.

Brush off any dust from the panel, finish the wood edges with sandpaper and trim the felt with a utility knife.

Step #2: Screw in Panel

Add approximately 15 screws to the panel. Use proportionately less screws depending on the remaining size of the panel. You can now secure the panel to the wall and drill in the screws. Find instructions on attaching wood wall panels to different wall types here.

Continue doing this for the length of the wall.

Step #3: Internal Cuts

Do you have an electrical socket or something else that you need to make space for? 

Measure the area you want to cut out and mark it down on your panel. Make cuts to the wood slats with a fine cut bladed jigsaw. Cut out the felt with a utility knife. If one of the wood slats gets loose, use superglue to stick it back on.

Once the area is cleaned up you can apply the panel to the wall.

Step #4: Final Piece

Once you reach the end of the wall, measure the remaining horizontal space left. In most cases you can cut the felt with a utility knife vertically down the panel without cutting the wood slats. Apply that final panel to the wall.


Congratulations! You have now installed your stunning wood wall panels.