Bathroom Wall Panels

We have a stunning range of bathroom wall panels in a variety of finishes. If you're after 8+ panels we offer Free Shipping Australia-wide on your order. Choose to make your bathroom renovation dreams a reality.

What are Bathroom Wall Panels?

Bathroom wall panels are floor-to-ceiling wall panels that are usually used in a bathroom, but can be used in any high humidity room. Since they are fully waterproof, bathroom wall panels can be used in any area of the bathroom including as shower panels.

Benefits of Bathroom Wall Panels

We love when people ask us why they should use our waterproof bathroom wall panels over any other wall technique (including tiling) because there are so many reasons! Here are some of our favourites:

100% Waterproof – Our bathroom cladding offers exceptional waterproofing and have a waterproof guarantee. Crafted with advanced tongue-and-groove technology, our panels form a watertight barrier, efficiently preventing water seepage and damage. All of the panels in our store resist moisture, mould, and mildew.

Easy Bathroom Renovation Renovating your bathroom can be an expensive and daunting endeavour, but not with They're lightweight, easy to handle, and can be installed directly over existing tiles, saving time and labour. Your bathroom can have a whole new look in under a day's work.

Grout Free – Say goodbye to messy, goopy grout. With bathroom wall sheeting you get a consistent look without grouting. Our bathroom panels are so easy to install you may not even need a tradie to put them in. You also don't need to worry about your grout lines getting dirty over time.

Simple Maintenance – Maintaining wet area wall panels are a breeze, thanks to their non-porous, waterproof surface. All you need is a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and soapy water. There's no reason to use any strong cleaning products (and they may actually damage the panel).

Range of Designs – We have catered a beautiful range of bathroom wall panels with a number of colours, patterns and materials. All of our panels feature a luxurious finish that feels great to the touch. Do you dream of having marble walls in your bathroom? gives you the look of marble for a fraction of the cost.


Here are some of the questions that customers have asked us about buying, installing and maintaining bathroom wall panels in Australia.