10 Year Wall Panel Warranty Policy

This warranty is valid for our wet wall panel product line.

WallPanels.com.au wet wall panels are covered by a 10-year product warranty that the panels will not crack, blister or delaminate and will remain watertight when fitted and sealed in accordance with our installation guidance. Adhesive/sealant provided by WallPanels.com.au must be used during the installation.

In the event of a successful claim we will replace the panels in the same design (if not available in an equivalent or other design) or provide a refund of the purchase price for defective products. The warranty does not cover any labour cost associated with the replacement of products covered, or any consequential or special incidental charges, damages or losses.

Our wall panels are guaranteed under normal domestic use conditions (indoors in a climate of 18c – 25c with corresponding humidity of 30%-85% RH) from the date of purchase by the original end user in the original location of installation. The guarantee is not transferable.

This guarantee does not cover failure of the product due to:

  • Transport and handling.
  • Faulty installation.
  • Failure to maintain the silicone seal on all edges in line with installation instructions. WallPanels.com.au sealant must be used.
  • Incorrect maintenance or storage - panels should be stored flat. Panels should not be stored vertically against walls or balanced between tressels and should be conditioned at room temperature for 48 hours prior to installation.
  • Incorrect cleaning - panels should only be cleaned with water, PVC cleaner, soap or a vinegar solution (1:3 vinegar/water). Cleaning with harsh chemicals like bleach can strip the pattern from the wall panels and potentially remove the waterproofness.
  • Damage or misuse, such as: Cracks, blows and cuts caused by hard objects; Scratches and finish damages caused by sharp objects or other abrasive materials, irrespective of whether these are caused by a contractor, service company or end user; Wear and tear (aging), i.e. scratches, friction marks or other marks in the surface; Use of unsuitable cleaning agents (such as bleach); Differences in gloss levels that can only be seen at certain angles or lighting conditions are not a valid claim.

Prior to installation the following checks should be carried out and any queries reported as claims of this nature will not be covered by this warranty following installation:

  • Colour matching and sheen levels between all panels and profiles.
  • If panels are to be fitted by a tradesman then colours and condition should be approved by the customer in advance of installation.
  • Tongue and groove jointed boards prior to final installation to ensure a flush finish and tightly butted joints

This guarantee does not confer any rights other than those set out above and claims for consequential loss or damage are specifically excluded. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. The warranty period is not extended in the event of repair or replacement.