Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

If you want a stylish and versatile way to bring your living spaces to life, wood wall panels are a perfect solution. Wood has a natural beauty and style that will transform your home into a modern and inviting space. Wood wall panelling is perfect for adding texture, interest, and improved acoustic properties to any residential or commercial space.

What are Wood Wall Panels?

Wood wall panels, also known as slatted wood wall panels or acoustic wall panels, are decorative panels that can be installed onto any wall in your home or commercial space. They’re made with a natural wood veneer and come in various designs and finishes to suit the style you’re after. 

Wood wall panelling adds visual interest and texture to any space, and they can also improve acoustics by reducing noise and echoes. They are a versatile and stylish way to enhance any room in your home or office and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Benefits of Wood Slat Wall Panels

Great Aesthetics – Wood slat panels add visual interest and texture to walls, as well as natural beauty and timeless style. Wood wall panels give your home a unique look and they suit all types of furniture and upholstery.

Improved Insulation – Wood, along with the acoustic felt, is a great insulator that helps prevent heat from escaping from your home and cold from coming in. That makes wooden wall panels ideal for keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which helps cut your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

Good Acoustics – Wood, paired with acoustic felt, is excellent at insulating sound by reducing noise and echoes. This makes wooden acoustic panels ideal if you want peace and privacy and want to isolate rooms acoustically.

Increased Durability – Wood wall panels not only look good, they’re also long-lasting. Wood is a lot tougher than standard interior wall finishings like plasterboard, so slat panels are built to take the knocks. They’re also easy to maintain and keeps their stunning looks for a long time. If you need to replace one just unscrew it from the wall and put a new one on!

Easy Installation – Wood feature wall panels are simple and straightforward to install, which makes them perfect for a DIY renovation project. You only need minimal DIY experience and a basic toolkit to convert your wall surfaces into a finish you can be proud of.


Here we'll try to cover all of the questions that people have asked about our acoustic wood panelling available in Australia.