Find an Installer (Wood Wall)

While installing wood wall panels is usually a DIY project, we can totally understand if you don't feel confident installing yourself. That's where Airtasker comes in!

Post on Airtasker

There are tons of carpenters and builders on Airtasker who are more than capable of installing wood wall panels. They are fully insured and you can see all of their reviews before hiring anybody - it's a great system. 

You can even do this before you order your panels and set the date far into the future to get quotes ahead of time. 

Pricing on Airtasker

Budget for an hour per 2 panels with a minimum of 2 hours. Say you're looking to install 6 wood wall panels, you're looking at around 3 hours. The hourly rate will vary depending on your location but in major cities a carpenter will run you about $80/hour. All you have to do is multiply your number of panels (divided by 2) by that hourly rate in your area (ex. 4 panels / 2 x $80 = $160).

Airtasker Job Description

For your title you can put something like:

Need Help Installing 6 (change this number) Wood Slat Wall Panels

For your description you can put the following:

Looking for somebody to help install wood slat wall panels in my home. If you are not familiar with the product please watch this video:

You will need to bring a fine-toothed saw capable of making straight cuts, a Stanley knife, a drill and a caulking gun.

I need 6 (change this number) panels installed and I will have the panels ready at my home.

Please have experience with similar installations.

It's also beneficial to upload a couple images of the area you are looking to have done.

Please note:

Note 1: It is best to be prepared with your wall fixing method. Either use one tube of wall panel adhesive per panel or 15 screws per panel (with wall fixings). Otherwise be sure to include that you need them to provide the wall fixings as there will be an additional cost.

Note 2: Keep in mind that this Airtasker job post recommendation is meant for a standard installation on a single feature wall. Trickier installations or internal cuts may take more time.