Shower Wall Panels

If you want to re-surface your shower enclosure as part of a bathroom renovation, shower wall panels are a cost effective and easy-to-install option. Our wet area panelling is not only durable, it looks incredible too.

What are Shower Wall Panels?

Shower wall panels (AKA wet wall panels) are waterproof synthetic sheets designed for shower enclosures. They’re usually made of PVC, which makes them a robust and waterproof alternative to tiles, protecting your shower walls from splashes and humidity.

If you’re doing a bathroom renovation, shower wall panelling is a cost effective and easy-to-install alternative to ceramic tiles. They are available in a range of colours and styles, from pearl white through to black sensa.

Shower panels often come as a kit for easy installation, containing two or more panels, an interior trim, and adhesive. Shower wall panels are also known as bathroom wall panels.

Benefits of Wet Wall Panels

Fully Waterproof – Our waterproof wall panels for showers are made of water-resistant PVC, which gives them a watertight finish to protect your bathroom walls. This material, plus the snug tongue-and-groove joints, offers superb water-resistance without impacting on your costs.

Easy-to-Install – Our wet wall panels are sold as a complete installation kit, so you have everything you need for a shower cubicle makeover, including trims and adhesive. You can even install our waterproof wall panels yourself, although we recommend hiring a professional if you’re not DIY savvy.

Hygienic – PVC shower wall panels are non-porous, which helps repel unhygienic and unsightly mould and mildew. You can simply wipe them down with a wet cloth to remove water and water marks and maintain the pristine look of your shower enclosure.

Cost Effective – Shower wall panels are an affordable alternative to ceramic tiles, as they are quick and easy to install, without needing specialist tools or expertise. With simple installation and no grouting, a bathroom wall panel is an ideal choice for a DIY bathroom renovation. Shower wall panels are one of the cheapest solutions for your shower walls.

Durable – Our shower wall panels are made of high-quality PVC, which means they last a long time and stay looking good. The hard-wearing sided shower panel kits can even be installed straight over existing ceramic tiles to create a good-looking and robust finish to your shower cubicle.

On-trend Design – Our wet wall panels come in a wide range of colours and finishes, including a Calacatta marble effect, urban greys, beiges, and whites, making them the perfect choice for a modern interior design for your bathroom renovation.


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