Where Can Wet Wall Panels Be Installed?

Where Can Wet Wall Panels Be Installed? - WallPanels.com.au

Wet wall panels are fast becoming a favourite alternative to tiling or more expensive options for bathroom renovations. They are easy to install, clean, and maintain, provide a protective layer for your walls, and have a polished finish that you would otherwise only achieve with luxury materials like marble.

While people commonly use wet wall panels in the bathroom, they have heaps of variety for where you can use them. Take a look.

1. Any Room

Decorative wet wall panels can service any room. They are waterproof and intended chiefly for rooms with lots of water activity, but they’re very versatile. Like any other wall panel, their aesthetics can complement all areas of your home.

They have a luxurious finish that could be the perfect finishing touch near a modern fireplace. Even a walk-in area that might see wet coats and boots benefits from wet wall panels. If you’ve ever walked your dog in the rain and watched them wait until they’re in the comfort of your home to do that all-important shake-off, you know how wet wall panels could be your saviour.

2. Bathroom

Naturally, the bathroom is the most popular spot for using wet wall panels. Cleaning is one of the most time-consuming chores most people perform at home. Bathroom tiling is laborious to keep hygienic because its grouting quickly builds up a chemical residue.

Wet wall panels, however, require minimal cleaning to keep them hygienic. Their tongue-and-groove fixtures make them waterproof, minimising any dampness build-up in your home. They are perfect as shower wall panels because of their durability; they can even turn your bathroom into a wet room without issue.

The overall finish of wet wall panels makes your bathroom look larger and cleaner. You can customise them to suit any sized bathroom too. Wet wall panels are easy to install and trim down to any size if needed. Their versatility also makes them popular in other wet areas of the home.

3. Kitchen

Wet wall panels are a non-porous material, perfect as a splashback above your stovetop. They are visually striking, turning a mere practicality into a beautiful design feature. Recent trends have seen splashbacks extend the entire length of the kitchen wall. Wet wall panels achieve this aesthetic without risking damage from cooking and cleaning liquids.

Bathroom wall panels are an excellent choice for kitchens because they are easy to wipe clean. Rather than use a luxury material like granite or marble that can easily chip and stain, you can achieve the same luxurious effect with wet wall panels. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also more durable for this lived-in area of the home.

4. Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are another thoroughly used home area that can come into contact with lots of moisture in the air, especially if you hang your clothes to dry indoors. Wet wall panels can remove any worries about damaging the area without compromising aesthetics.

Using bathroom wall panels in the laundry room also benefits you if you need to hand wash or rinse clothing down to remove excess dirt or stains before it’s fit to put in the laundry. Wet wall panels keep the laundry room looking high-end and sophisticated without a hefty price tag.

5. Home Gym

Wet wall panels are also a great idea if you’ve got a home gym that could use a makeover. They can revamp a room from something unsightly but practical to a dream home gym that could compete with any Instagram page fantasy.

Since our wall panels are made from PVC instead of acrylic, they are more durable and can be used in a high traffic room like a gym.

The range of versatility in wet wall panels also means you have so many styles to choose from for your home gym. You can opt for a concrete-finish panel style if you want a tough-looking space to chase gains. Equally, a pearly white wet wall panel can transform your gym into a tranquil paradise for stretching and unwinding.

6. Commercial Spaces

Outside of the home, wet wall panels are also a practical and affordable choice for a range of commercial spaces. Adding a luxurious finishing touch to an area like a café or a restaurant is easy with some marble effect wet wall panelling. Businesses operating kitchens can use wet wall panelling in their cooking spaces to save time on cleaning and maintenance fees.

Retail stores with changing rooms might also want to use wet wall panels to make keeping a hygienic environment for customers easy and effective. The same goes for public gyms with showers and changing rooms. Wet wall panels elevate the appearance of an otherwise plain space without raising costs.

So Many Options...

The benefits of wet wall panelling make it popular for all kinds of renovations today. Suitable to every space, easy to install, and more affordable than other luxury panel styles, it’s fast becoming the standard for those wanting a sleek, modern aesthetic in their home or business.

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