10 Unique Bathroom Renovation Ideas

10 Unique Bathroom Renovation Ideas - WallPanels.com.au

Getting inspiration in the early stages of planning a bathroom renovation is essential. Knowing which ideas will improve your bathroom the most can be challenging. Today, we’re covering popular bathroom renovation ideas that can elevate your bathroom and even add value to your home.

1. Wet Wall Panels

Opting for a PVC wall panel in your bathroom rather than tiling is cheaper, quicker to install, and easier to maintain. Wet wall panels have a range of desirable finishes that replicate the aesthetics of luxury materials like marble, heightening your bathroom’s overall feel. Another significant benefit of PVC panels is that they’re 100% waterproof. Lining your shower room or bathroom with wet wall panels means the room doesn’t develop dampness or mould problems.

Top tip: With some basic DIY skills, you can trim and install wet wall panelling yourself, saving money on contracted fitters.

free standing tub

2. Freestanding Tub

Recent years have seen the freestanding bathtub soar in popularity. The built-in shower-tub combined units look dated today, with freestanding tubs having the elegance many renovators want. If you’re replacing your bathtub, choosing a freestanding style will modernise your bathroom instantly. These bathtubs are statement pieces for your bathroom, reminiscent of luxury spas and high-end hotels. They’re also significantly more straightforward to install than built-in tubs.

Top tip: Explore a range of aesthetics to find the right tub for your vision, whether that’s a clawfoot tub or a Japanese soaking tub.

modern toilet

3. Upgrade Your Toilet

Creating a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly house is one way to live sustainably and save money in the long run. When you remodel your bathroom, consider removing your old toilet for a new one with a more efficient design. Older, single-flush toilets in Australia use 12 litres of water per flush. Upgrading to a 4-star toilet only uses 3.5 litres per flush, saving 50 Kilolitres per year and lowering water supply charges.

Top tip: Toilets are a long-term investment. Research thoroughly to ensure you choose the suitable model for your space and needs.

floating fixtures

4. Floating Fixtures

Bringing floating fixtures like toilets, sink units, shelves, or vanities can be an excellent choice for your bathroom. One of their biggest benefits is the space you can save by using them, opening up some floor space beneath the fixtures. If you’re remodelling a small bathroom, installing a wall-mounted toilet or sink can also create a flattering effect, making the room appear more spacious. They also have a clean, modern look that can refresh an older bathroom.

Top tip: Floating fixtures like vanities and toilets typically cost more to install, so make sure your budget can accommodate these fees.

shower head

5. Improve Your Shower Head

If you’re renovating your shower on a tight budget, updating your shower head is a cost-effective way to bring some luxury to the space. Old shower heads with low water pressure are frustrating to use. Opting for a new shower head with increased water pressure is more enjoyable and efficient. You can even trade in a traditional shower head for a rainfall shower head, increasing value and water pressure.

Top tip: If you choose a ceiling-mounted rainfall shower head, there may be additional costs to adjust the plumbing for the new fixture.

underfloor heating

6. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can reduce your energy bills significantly, using much less energy than traditional heating methods. The initial cost of installing an underfloor heating system is significant, with the average price in Australia ranging between $30 and $120 per square metre. The payoff, however, is a luxurious bathroom space that dries faster, feels more relaxing, and brings noteworthy value to your home.

Top tip: Installing your underfloor heating takes quite a while, so ensure you have a separate bathroom you can use before heading into an installation.


7. Install a Bidet

Like high-pressure shower heads, bidets can save water by significantly reducing how much toilet paper you need to use. Cleaning with a bidet uses roughly the same amount of water as washing your hands, making it an efficient way to stay hygienic. If you laid out your toilet roll usage throughout your life, each Australian would have an average of 675 km of toilet roll. Using a bidet can reduce your environmental impact and improve your sustainable living.

Top tip: If you don’t want a separate bidet, you can install a bidet toilet seat directly to your toilet easily.

large mirror bathroom

8. Larger Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors have gotten larger over recent years. We use them when we clean our faces, put on makeup, or simply check our appearance before heading out, so large mirrors are a welcome change. Unique mirror shapes are also fashionable, making adding character to an otherwise overlooked space easier. Using mirrors as an accessory can bring light to darker areas of your bathroom and make smaller bathrooms appear more spacious.

Top tip: Don’t hesitate to use a large mirror in a small bathroom; having a mirror as a statement piece of furniture elevates the whole room.

wet room

9. Wet Room

If you have the space for a wet room, it’s a great addition to a bathroom. You can transform a bathroom into a wet room or divide your bathroom into a wet room area and a traditional bathroom area. Wet rooms can add value to your home through the desirable aesthetics of wall-to-wall material like tile or bathroom wall panels. The open-plan design of a wet room gives a contemporary, luxury feel that’s also highly adaptable for anyone with mobility challenges.

Top tip: Proper waterproofing is the most crucial aspect of a wet room - PVC panels are one way to ensure 100% waterproof walls, but you must consider the other surfaces also.

 pedestal sink

10. Pedestal Sink

Finally, pedestal sinks are making a serious comeback in today’s bathroom renovation scene. Opting for a pedestal sink over a sink unit creates a timeless aesthetic because of their classic designs. They were initially popular at the turn of the 20th century, and the same design styles are now highly popular again. Pedestal sinks are incredibly durable, typically made entirely from porcelain, making it easy to deep-clean them and keep them sparkling.

Top tip: A pedestal sink isn’t complete without the perfect mirror companion; find something that ties the room together nicely.

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