How to Measure for Wet Wall Panels

How to Measure for Wet Wall Panels -

Wall panels offer the same decadent aesthetics of a marble or concrete wall at a fraction of the price. If the clean style and high-end beauty of wet wall panels has won you over, you’ll be delighted to know that you can install these panels at home without a professional.

Setting Up

Here are the basics you need for the most accurate and efficient measurements.

  • Tape measure (ideally at least 8 meters long)
  • Pencil
  • Notepad

With these tools ready, it’s time to get the measurements you need.

Measuring Your Wall for Wet Wall Panels

  1. Follow these steps to make measuring your bathroom’s walls and dimensions a simple task.
  2. Draw a basic sketch of the room you’re measuring. Having a sketch to refer to makes it easier to keep your measurements in order.
  3. Choose a starting point in your bathroom. The corner closest to the door is typically a good point to measure from.
  4. Using your tape measure, measure the width of the wall straight across. Don’t forget to measure features like doors and windows, including the window depth if you want to panel the recess.
  5. Mark your measurement down in the notepad.
  6. Repeat this process for each wall around the room.
  7. Measure the widths of permanent fixtures in the bathroom like shower heads, the shower enclosure, toilets, any shelving you want to keep in place, light switches, and radiators. You can sketch the layout of these features if it’s easier to keep the measurements in order. Mark their measurements on your sketch.
  8. When you have these measurements, use your tape to get the height of the walls in your bathroom. You may need measurements from several points if you’re renovating an attic bathroom or have uneven floors.
  9. Repeat the measuring process two more times to get the most accurate measurements.
  10. When you have all your measurements, you can do the math and determine how many wall panels you need. 

Doing the Math

Our bathroom wall panels come standard at one meter wide, so it's super easy to figure out how many you need.

  • Add up the total surface area you want to panel.
  • Divide that number by the width of the panels of your choice (one meter).
  • If you want to install your panels horizontally, divide the surface area figure by the length of the panels instead.

With these calculations, you can accurately estimate how many wall panels you need. Always round up instead of down when you get a fractional wall panel, they're easy to cut and you will need the extra piece.

Other Materials You May Need

Although they don't factor into the measurement, you will also need trim (like internal corner trim), adhesive and sealant

Looking to take the next step? Check out our wall panel buying guide!

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