How Much Does It Cost to Install Bathroom Wall Panels?

How Much Does It Cost to Install Bathroom Wall Panels? -

We just want to start this off by saying that you absolutely can install these yourself if you are somewhat of a DIYer. Read our article about installing DIY to see if you have the skills. 

If you're not a DIYer and you need someone to install your wet wall panels, you may be unsure how much the install will cost. We'll walk you through some of the numbers to help you understand what the costs may look like.

Keep in mind that we are assuming that you already have a level wall and are laying the panels right overtop. This does not include waterproofing (if you have any leaks) or anything like that. This is just for a standard install over a clean surface. We're also only covering wall panels here.. not floors, bath installations or anything else.

The cheapest way to get bathroom wall panels installed will be to find a trustworthy handyman or carpenter near you. Bathroom specialists are great but they will charge a premium since they offer a specialty service. You can check out our installer directory to find someone near you.

We'll assume that you go with a local carpenter. While their rates can vary wildly we will assume that the one you found is $100/hour with a 2 hour minimum call-out. 

Please note: there is no standard pricing for carpenters or handymen, they make their own pricing. Some will be far more expensive, some will have a call-out fee, some will have a long minimum hourly - it can vary.

We can also assume with a standard installation it will take one hour per panel to install. Once again, this is just an assumption. There could be many different thing happening in your bathroom that takes a lot more work. If the carpenter needs to make tricky cuts or adjustments for your bathroom, it will take longer than expected.

With those assumptions you just need to multiply your hourly rate by the number of panels you're looking to install. In this case, if you have a 4 panel shower you're installing, just multiply it by the $80/hour rate to get $400 installation charge.

That's not all though. You need to wait 24 hours for the adhesive to dry before drilling any holes or adding any fixtures (like mirrors) to the panels. If you want the carpenter to come back and do that, it will be another $200 (with the 2 hour minimum) for them to come back.

That makes it a total installation charge of $600 for your 4 panel shower installation. 

This article is just to give you an idea of how bathroom wall panel installation costs work. It's not for you to point to with your installer and say "hey, they said it would be cheaper". Each tradesperson sets their own rates and there could be a myriad of other things going on, it's not always a simple install, depending on your bathroom. 

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